manufacturers of tube ice machines & items related to industrial refrigeration

At Frico Ice, we feature high tech production skills that are flexible and quickly adaptable to meet your specific needs. Our manufacturing capabilities span a broad range of products and industries.

Our American made Ice Machines are for commercial, industrial and institutional users such as:

 flake Ice Bag Companies
 flake Grocery Stores
 flake Produce Exporters
 flake Meat Companies
 flake Fishing Companies
 flake Factories
 flake Housing
 flake Farms and more…

We sell, service and install many sizes of ice making machines. Our  ice machines have production up to 30  tons per 24 hours, we also have make ice block tanks

 We have machines which bag, grind, crush, load, dispense and store ice.

We build the machines in our machine shop in Auburn, Washington, and we ship to countries all over the world. We have huge savings for South American markets. We build machines that produce from 1 ton per 24 hours to 30 tons per 24 hours. Some of these machines come with a 2 year warranty

These are quality products made here in the USA.